Monday 15th of January

6.30 – 8pm

 Dance House (Foley St., Dublin 1)

Expressive Dance was first introduced to Ireland by its current dance instructor, Patricia Bas, a native to Barcelona. Her international dance experience makes this class unique; providing vitality, joy and relaxation.

Patricia’s approach creates a open environment enabling you to let go and just be yourself. Through the sessions you will expand your comfort zone, feeling at ease in your body and confident with your movements. This feeling of comfort on the dance floor improves confidence through out daily life.

Her workshops are an exploration of oneself through movement. The exercises, based on the Open River Methodology, lead you to embrace your self expression. Guided and self movement expression, yoga, dramatization, voice liberation and relaxation are the tools used. These combined with a broad music selection, will transport you to a grounded and embodied experience.

By empowering yourself in the movement of Expressive Dance, you will benefit from the joy and freedom that this class provides. It´s an adventure where you can play, explore, experiment and relate with others. Give youself the gift of free self expression.

Drop in €15  ·  No experience necessary  ·  Wear comfortable clothes


  • I absolutely love Patricia’s Expressive Dance classes. I first started going to improve my coordination and learn to move more freely, but this class is much more than that: no matter how tired I may feel that evening, I always leave the dance truly energised! Patricia is also very creative which means no two sessions are alike. She ensures this is and remains a fun, safe and respectful space: no need to be a professional dancer. I would recommend to everyone to try it for themselves!”

    Anne-Claire Noat – attending Expressive Dance since June 2015

  • “Going to Expressive Dance class is a healing session, creativity injection and serious fun all rolled into one. My weeks at work have been completely transformed since beggining these nourishing Monday evening session. Patricia is a Magician!”

    Gráinne O’Neill – attending Expressive Dance since January 2015

  • “Patricia has incredible intuition. The dance is different every week, but always seems to be just what I need. Since taking Patricia’s classes I am freer, more playful and less inhibited in my movement. Great music, great people and great energy! Always a joy. No matter what my mood is when I arrive, I leave laughing and energised.”

    Jenny Macdonald – attending Expressive Dance since January 2015