Since I can remember I have been always involve in some kind of movement activity. Skating, yoga, tai-chi, qi-gong and any kind of dance: jazz dance, hip-hop, salsa, African dance, flamenco… My dream was to be like my dance teacher, but I thought that has no future. So, as I have always been really curious and observant about how people lived, how where their relationships, their houses, their works… I decided to study Sociology.

My years at the University opened up a huge world of knowledge and out box thinking for me and I took advantage as much as I could. I specialized in a research methodology which
works directly with the people affected by the issue studied and helps them to be involved in their own wellbeing. I adore that idea to be part of the research from the beginning till the end. Because my aim studying society lives was to be part of the creation of by Advertise” href=”#3484121″> better lives.

While I was working dynamizating citizens groups using this methodology I realize that something was missing. Sociology is a very much mental discipline so we worked using only our minds. But groups of people are much more than that. Emotions were surfacing in my groups and I had not specific tools to deal with it. I could see the potential of a social group treated in a holistic way incorporating emotions with the mind. So then I would be working not only helping groups to develop their wellbeing, but individuals too.

I was so thrilled. For years, I had been doing a lot of personal work. As my curiosity for how other relations and lives worked, I was curious too to know how I worked myself. That was the moment were I could join my career with my personal interests, so I decided to train myself for that. I started the training which brought brightness, clearness, joy, happiness, wellbeing, confidence… in my life as any other thing before and I became a Psycho-Corporal Therapist in Río Abierto System.

What is the most fantastic thing that happened to me? I transformed myself in all I wanted to be. A Sociologist who partake creating a better world, a Therapist who understands and deals with emotions and a  Dance Facilitator because I am trained in Psycho-Corporal Therapy which uses dance and movement to heal.

Thus, following the flow of my life I started using my new knowledges with the groups I was already facilitating. Furthermore, I started to create my own projects mixing my old and new knowledges. This new aspect of my expertise brought me to partake workshops with great professionals from the Women School Francesca Bonnemaison. We create and realize workshops for women working as a social workers under the mind state to help the helpers. The reason was that people who are givers never have time for themselves, so we explained why socially women are givers and we gave empowerment tips.

The August 24th 2014, I landed in Dublin with the desire to learn English, have the experience to live abroad and continue working with my beloved personal project, which I had called: Expressive Dance. In January I opened a group that is thriving. I am so glad to say my dreams has come true.

Currently, I keep growing working with this fantastic methodology. If you have any question or you want to help me to do that, just as easy as sending me an e-mail!

Because dance has the power to enrich our lives!

My best wishes,